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The magic of the senses. The meaninglessness of words. The anger and sadness and absolute power of love unbound by time or space. Sound and fury and unflinching passion. Trough Records is proud to announce the release of "dot" (Catalogue No. TRCP 1302), the debut album from legendary L.A. singer/songwriter Rod Smear.

Audiences throughout Southern California's "acoustic underground" have known for years about Rod's intense, liberating performances. Like those performances, his music defies explanation and demands attention. Now everyone can know.

Words are not enough. Listen. Dance. Sing. Hear.



... and I think I'll buy a farm
plant baseballs when it's warm
separate the greed from its charm
then throw 'em out with a fresh live arm
to anyone who appreciates
a fresh-mowed summer yawn...


Catalogue No. TRCP 1302
Produced by Andrew Lorand.
A Ned Kelly Production in association with Flying Finn.

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